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Blog Hits Since July 2010

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Beauty at a Pause.

Well, Hellooo Lovelies, :). Lets's see... where can I start? Well, I started school at Otis College of Art & Design (for Architecture/Landscapes/Interiors) in L.A., transferring from an art school in Dallas, TX (for interior design) and it has already been a busy week. So far I have 4 projects all due next week and they are all very time consuming,, ugghh. Please pray for me you guys. Anyway to the interesting stuff: well, although I spend most of my time learning about Designing and Architecture I also always had a love for Photography/Modeling. Ever since I came back to L.A. I realize their were soo many opportunities to fullfill my lifelong dream as a Model. Since I am not tall enough (at least not for runway) to be a great candidate for the title, according to the society today, and since I am more focused on school, Im not really looking at it as a career. I always loved photography and the beauty it creates through humans and nature. Therefore I want to be a part of that in any way possible. All this week I have been researching great Photographers who will possibly assist me in this creative journey. While looking through many talented Photographers on, and other websites, I found many inspirations through the beautiful photos that I came upon:

These are now a part of my favorite photos! They are so amazing: from the lighting all the way to the fashion. I just love it:). I hope you become inspired (more to come).

p.s. Always feel free in your own skin.:)

-Handcock <3

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