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Saturday, September 4, 2010

U've Been Acting Shady!!!

Well ... I have not been shopping anymore since school started "Thank You God". I was kinda afraid that once I started that I woudn't be able to stop. I went into the mall yesterday with my wallet...but this time it was different ...I had a strict goal in: Go in get your eyebrows threading...AND COME OUT. *No looking in stores. *No window shopping. *No let me just see how this fits on me. *No lets go see if they have anything new. *No going back for items that I said I would be back to get. NONE OF THAT. Just IN and Out. Lol. These tactics definetely worked. All the things I taught myself in shopping rehab were a success..Lol.

Anyway, the eyebrow threading lady was closed and I was pissed. So I decided to go ahead and get them maxed since I just needed them cleaned up and not shaped. It was a total success.

A few weeks back, when I was going through my relapse I bought a few pair of shades. Now I am in love. They fit me so well. The good thing is that they were only $5. I got them on sale.:

Who Knew They Made Leopard Shades:
Forever21- $5.80

Rose colored Glasses Literally. The lens are PINK!
Strut- $5.00

Afriad of Motorcycles Shades
Strut- $5.00
**These are my Favorite**

Since I have backed off from shopping it has made me realize that I still dont have much stuff. I go in my closet looking for something to wear and I stil can't find anything. That is the fuel to my fire.

p.s. My nails are all chipped and keep in mind I got them painted yesterday!!

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