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Blog Hits Since July 2010

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

7 1/2 Months All Natural (continued...

Well as you all know, I have gone with out a relaxer for about 8 months now. YAY! At times, It has been tough because my hair is no longer tamed or trained. The hair now has a mind of its own neither gel, jam, nor glue can make it behave! I figured out that when I am at my worst that I can partialy depend on hair grease and water.

Two days ago I washed my hair with Pantene Pro V: Relaxed & Natural For Women of Color Intensive Moisturizing Shampoo. I then applied my Nairobi Prota-Sil Reconstuctor & Strengthening Treatment as a conditioner and then rinsed it out the next day. That is how I deep condition my hair. I have to let it sit for at least 12 hours because shampoos dry my hair completely out! I have to have moisture in my hair or else it will be a disaster!  I took pictures of my hair throughout this washing experience. What amazes me is that the natural curls ups and packs itslf in close to the scalp like a fo. On the other hand, the other half of my hair that is permed lays limp and straight. I read that you can not reverse a relaxer. The only way is to cut it off. I cut my ends gradually as new hair grows.

...the shampoo

... the rinse

...the conditioner

...the condioner after setting in my hair for 24 hours

...after condtioner rinse

...blow dried

...dyed, fried, and laid to the is after the flat iron worked its majic

As you can see dealing with my natural hair is a two day process. In the end, my hair looks pretty decent. Im still learning the tricks of the trade on how to manage my new hair.

My hair is dyed Crimson. You can see it in some pictures but it is mostly visible in the sun because it is a semi-permenant!

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