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Blog Hits Since July 2010

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jessica Simpson!!!

Boredom is the cousin of the devil! I was so bored that I decided to do some shopping online! OMG! I found so many cute shoes...The question is...Which one am I going to buy?? Most likely the cheapest one or the one that makes my heart beat out of my chest! Here they are:

Jessica Simpson Blue Violet Suede Women's Waleo 2:
Im so in love with this shoe. AYYY! I found them at and at

  • At they are priced at 89.00 with free shipping. They also have 15% off on shoes for the whole site!

  • At Zappos they are 101.95 with free shipping. I like the picture on this better.
This the same shoe except it is LEOPARD. I love animal print!!! I found it as Nordstrom for 97.95. I think I am going to purchase these soon once I get all of my funds together. 
It is also at for 99.00 with additional free shipping and possibly 15% off.


This AMAZIN shoe is at It is priced at 96.95 and atleast if I buy this shoe that I can have two different shoes for the price of one! It is definetely tempting.

Jessica Simpson "Wasima" is 97.95 on

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