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Blog Hits Since July 2010

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cousin It!

This is B4 my hair cut. I have to get about 1/2 inch cut off every two weeks roughly. This helps cut off relaxed hair and split ends. As a result, my hair will continue to grow and soon I will no longer be a slave to the chemicals!!


Compare the length to the length 2 weeks prior:

look at those split ends!! YIKES!

Then I got my hair Flat Ironed, Pressed, and Cut:

Well it has been a long road coming and my hair is gettin stronger and stronger by the days. I am almost out of my Hair, Skin, & Nails supplements and soon I will be starting The One A Day Prenatal Vitamens. I feel like the supplements have been working. One day I will look back and my hair will be long like cousin IT from The Adams Family. My hair is def. getting thicker and you can see where it meets the permed hair. You can see my shirt through my hair due to the thinness.

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