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Blog Hits Since July 2010

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

7 1/2 Months All Natural

A few months ago, I decide to break away from getting perms. I had went so long without one since I had been away for school. I could have found someone to do it but the only person who had ever permed my hair was my granny.Basically, I didnt want to trust anyone else because a bad perm can leave you pratically bald! YIKES!! I have a pretty good grade of  hair, so I figued my natural hair would be beautiful. Anyway, Its been a long journey but I still have a long way to go!

Well I was browsing the internet to try and find the right hair care products for my new experiment. I didn't find anything. I am going to continue taking the my Spring Valley Supplements. I was also told that prenatal pills and Omega 3 capsels help hair growth. I will be taking a trip to walmart to buy these products after I get advised from a pharmacist. 

p.s. I was always told to take Biotin yet when I spoke to a pharmacist she advised me otherwise. She told me that taking biotin only is not enough to promote hair growth. You have to take it along with other recommended supplements. So thats why I bought The Spring Valley (hair, skin, nails) because it contains biotin along with the other helping vitamens. Biotin, Collagen, Gelatin are all in the Spring Valley Supplement.

Pictures of my all natural hair journey coming soon...

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