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Blog Hits Since July 2010

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Somewhere Between A Duck and A Rockstar

Okay. So I had been visiting this boutique for a few months and I loved their sandals. Keep in mind, I have been needing sandals badly since I only owned one pair.  So I went into the store and I already had in mind which pair I wanted...unfortunately they were out of my size. In the end, I just searched and tried on ,literally, like 7 pair before I found 2 that I LOVED.

The first pair are brown suade with leather studdes straps. The heel is also out. Simply...To die for. They will look so cute with a dress or sum shorts.

I also found this black pair with silver and gold studs. I wore these yesterday with plain clothes so the shoes where def. the centerpiece of my outfit. I believe in balance. I wore some khaki holister shorts, with a black wife beater and let the sandals pull it all together. AHH! And of course a little eye make-up. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics..ugh!

To be continued...

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