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Blog Hits Since July 2010

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Somewhere Between A Duck and A Rockstar...(continued)

So I had not shopped in ages (more like a week), and I was itching to buy! So I tried to think of an excuse to shop...hmmmm..I got it!! I got a good grade on a test so I def. deserve to buy a few things!...hehe! I needed to but some flats but I hate flats. I always feel like a duck in them because they are so flat. Its weird yet I decided to buy some anyway for the sake of variety. So here they are....p.s. I caught them on sale for $9 in 5-7-9:

Well these are two different pair of flats, I just thought to wear one of each shoe for the pictures. I guess flats arent so bad, I just hate the way they rub on my achilles though. I have not found a way to dress these yet but I know I figure something out. I will probably get some help from Handcock. -SnooSnoo

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