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Blog Hits Since July 2010

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Black Wedges...UMMM

Leather + Buckles + Wedge Heel = Must Buy!
I love Straps and buckles. I also kill for wedges because they are so comfortable. All of these great qualities exsist in my dream shoe. My dream became a reality when I found this shoe:

  • has this Alley Ankle Boot for 55.00. They have an online special if you spend $75 then you get $15 off. Spend $120 and get $30 off. Spend $200 and get $60 off.
  • has them for $52.00 an if you sign up for their mailing list then you recieve a 5 off gift card. 
For those who are not really into the straps and buckles 

Shaunna Wedge Bootie

This is a gorgeous bootie priced at 54.00 and they are on They are having an online special if you spend $75 then you get $15, spend $120 then you get $30 off, Spend $200 then you get $60 off. 

If you buy both pair then you can definetely get the online deal. 


  1. THESE ARE HAWT! loves them all!

  2. We love these too! I didn't order them I was afraid the quality would not be too good! thnx 4 comment -SnooSnoo