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Blog Hits Since July 2010

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cousin It!

This is B4 my hair cut. I have to get about 1/2 inch cut off every two weeks roughly. This helps cut off relaxed hair and split ends. As a result, my hair will continue to grow and soon I will no longer be a slave to the chemicals!!


Compare the length to the length 2 weeks prior:

look at those split ends!! YIKES!

Then I got my hair Flat Ironed, Pressed, and Cut:

Well it has been a long road coming and my hair is gettin stronger and stronger by the days. I am almost out of my Hair, Skin, & Nails supplements and soon I will be starting The One A Day Prenatal Vitamens. I feel like the supplements have been working. One day I will look back and my hair will be long like cousin IT from The Adams Family. My hair is def. getting thicker and you can see where it meets the permed hair. You can see my shirt through my hair due to the thinness.

Friday, July 30, 2010


I ran into this website recently while browsing through the internet for more fashion sites. It is a website filled with many tips and styles: styles by others and celebs. Anyway,  I found soo many different styles that I loved. Here is one of them (worn by the beautiful, Christina Millian):

I really love the shoes. I dont know exacly what brand of shoe she is wearing on this photo, but here is a similar version that is also very sexy and appealing:

Chinese Laundry Hypnotize Bootie $59.95 – DSW

This particular heel is made by Chinese Laundry, a shoe brand made for women. Chinese Laundry has many other nice shoes on their website at

Check the site for more interesting trends HERE

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Black Wedges...UMMM

Leather + Buckles + Wedge Heel = Must Buy!
I love Straps and buckles. I also kill for wedges because they are so comfortable. All of these great qualities exsist in my dream shoe. My dream became a reality when I found this shoe:

  • has this Alley Ankle Boot for 55.00. They have an online special if you spend $75 then you get $15 off. Spend $120 and get $30 off. Spend $200 and get $60 off.
  • has them for $52.00 an if you sign up for their mailing list then you recieve a 5 off gift card. 
For those who are not really into the straps and buckles 

Shaunna Wedge Bootie

This is a gorgeous bootie priced at 54.00 and they are on They are having an online special if you spend $75 then you get $15, spend $120 then you get $30 off, Spend $200 then you get $60 off. 

If you buy both pair then you can definetely get the online deal. 

Jessica Simpson!!!

Boredom is the cousin of the devil! I was so bored that I decided to do some shopping online! OMG! I found so many cute shoes...The question is...Which one am I going to buy?? Most likely the cheapest one or the one that makes my heart beat out of my chest! Here they are:

Jessica Simpson Blue Violet Suede Women's Waleo 2:
Im so in love with this shoe. AYYY! I found them at and at

  • At they are priced at 89.00 with free shipping. They also have 15% off on shoes for the whole site!

  • At Zappos they are 101.95 with free shipping. I like the picture on this better.
This the same shoe except it is LEOPARD. I love animal print!!! I found it as Nordstrom for 97.95. I think I am going to purchase these soon once I get all of my funds together. 
It is also at for 99.00 with additional free shipping and possibly 15% off.


This AMAZIN shoe is at It is priced at 96.95 and atleast if I buy this shoe that I can have two different shoes for the price of one! It is definetely tempting.

Jessica Simpson "Wasima" is 97.95 on

Saturday, July 24, 2010

7 1/2 Months All Natural (continued...

Well as you all know, I have gone with out a relaxer for about 8 months now. YAY! At times, It has been tough because my hair is no longer tamed or trained. The hair now has a mind of its own neither gel, jam, nor glue can make it behave! I figured out that when I am at my worst that I can partialy depend on hair grease and water.

Two days ago I washed my hair with Pantene Pro V: Relaxed & Natural For Women of Color Intensive Moisturizing Shampoo. I then applied my Nairobi Prota-Sil Reconstuctor & Strengthening Treatment as a conditioner and then rinsed it out the next day. That is how I deep condition my hair. I have to let it sit for at least 12 hours because shampoos dry my hair completely out! I have to have moisture in my hair or else it will be a disaster!  I took pictures of my hair throughout this washing experience. What amazes me is that the natural curls ups and packs itslf in close to the scalp like a fo. On the other hand, the other half of my hair that is permed lays limp and straight. I read that you can not reverse a relaxer. The only way is to cut it off. I cut my ends gradually as new hair grows.

...the shampoo

... the rinse

...the conditioner

...the condioner after setting in my hair for 24 hours

...after condtioner rinse

...blow dried

...dyed, fried, and laid to the is after the flat iron worked its majic

As you can see dealing with my natural hair is a two day process. In the end, my hair looks pretty decent. Im still learning the tricks of the trade on how to manage my new hair.

My hair is dyed Crimson. You can see it in some pictures but it is mostly visible in the sun because it is a semi-permenant!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

7 1/2 Months All Natural

A few months ago, I decide to break away from getting perms. I had went so long without one since I had been away for school. I could have found someone to do it but the only person who had ever permed my hair was my granny.Basically, I didnt want to trust anyone else because a bad perm can leave you pratically bald! YIKES!! I have a pretty good grade of  hair, so I figued my natural hair would be beautiful. Anyway, Its been a long journey but I still have a long way to go!

Well I was browsing the internet to try and find the right hair care products for my new experiment. I didn't find anything. I am going to continue taking the my Spring Valley Supplements. I was also told that prenatal pills and Omega 3 capsels help hair growth. I will be taking a trip to walmart to buy these products after I get advised from a pharmacist. 

p.s. I was always told to take Biotin yet when I spoke to a pharmacist she advised me otherwise. She told me that taking biotin only is not enough to promote hair growth. You have to take it along with other recommended supplements. So thats why I bought The Spring Valley (hair, skin, nails) because it contains biotin along with the other helping vitamens. Biotin, Collagen, Gelatin are all in the Spring Valley Supplement.

Pictures of my all natural hair journey coming soon...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Somewhere Between A Duck and A Rockstar...(continued)

So I had not shopped in ages (more like a week), and I was itching to buy! So I tried to think of an excuse to shop...hmmmm..I got it!! I got a good grade on a test so I def. deserve to buy a few things!...hehe! I needed to but some flats but I hate flats. I always feel like a duck in them because they are so flat. Its weird yet I decided to buy some anyway for the sake of variety. So here they are....p.s. I caught them on sale for $9 in 5-7-9:

Well these are two different pair of flats, I just thought to wear one of each shoe for the pictures. I guess flats arent so bad, I just hate the way they rub on my achilles though. I have not found a way to dress these yet but I know I figure something out. I will probably get some help from Handcock. -SnooSnoo

Monday, July 12, 2010


Soo, I have been really focused on how I am going to dress this romper that I recently purchased and I finally found the right items that will complement it well. The blues(romper) and browns(jewelry) are soo warming and cool at the same time. I think they are one of the best color combinations. I also own the sandals and the earrings. I was browsing for more accessories on the internet to complete the look and these are the ones that caught my eye and therefore included in my current shopping list:). I really love the bumblebee ring!

Romper: HollisterCo.
Sandals: "Science" by Guess
Accessories: Bakers


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Somewhere Between A Duck and A Rockstar

Okay. So I had been visiting this boutique for a few months and I loved their sandals. Keep in mind, I have been needing sandals badly since I only owned one pair.  So I went into the store and I already had in mind which pair I wanted...unfortunately they were out of my size. In the end, I just searched and tried on ,literally, like 7 pair before I found 2 that I LOVED.

The first pair are brown suade with leather studdes straps. The heel is also out. Simply...To die for. They will look so cute with a dress or sum shorts.

I also found this black pair with silver and gold studs. I wore these yesterday with plain clothes so the shoes where def. the centerpiece of my outfit. I believe in balance. I wore some khaki holister shorts, with a black wife beater and let the sandals pull it all together. AHH! And of course a little eye make-up. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics..ugh!

To be continued...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fourth of July Madness

AWWW! It was our last night out the Handcock and OMG we had so much fun. She def went out with a BANG! Well I already miss her but I know I will see her soon because I am going to go to L.A. I can kill two birds with one stone: Shop and See that lunatic. I can't wait to go to H&M and Zara because we def. don't have those stores here :(
We are wearing Forever21 almost from head to toe. We love that store its our one shop stop!