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Blog Hits Since July 2010

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Lulu, I Think I Love You

Im sitting at home "borrowing" someones internet connection. I have been without internet for almost a week and I miss it dearly. I def. missed updating the blog. I can do it from my phone but it only lets me upload one pic and it wont let me change the title of the post! ugh! So I refrain from using blogger on my phone.

Anyway, I went Lulu's and feel in love with the Style Brigade outfits they came up with. I am in heaven. It is so military yet feminine. It is def. my style. Here is a little sample (for more pics and shopping see the site):

This one is the is LA LA ATTENTION. I am so in love with the belts and the dress. I think they are a gorgeous combination. Im sure in this outfit, whomever will get plenty of attention because it is a fashion statement.

This look is called ROXY THE RENEGADE. I am still in love with the style of that show. I posted a blog about a month about the buckle-up black leather wedges she is wearing. I didn't buy them because I was afraid the quality might not be up to par. All in all, she looks great in them. Also her pants are similar to my lastest obsession. I love the color and I love cargo skinny jeans. This outfit gets a A+

This masterpiece is ROYAL REGULATOR. When Handcock sees these pants she is going to die. I am drooling over them as well. They are priced at $41.00 but they are def. worth it. That is coming from someone who doesn't believe in spending over $30 on jeans. You have to the craftmanship into account when thinking about price. They are a definite must have and the whole outfit is a definite success.


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  2. yes I do adore those pants and the rest of the outfits! very cuutte! -Handcock

  3. awesome post, love the pictures!

    check mine out,
    drop some comments
    and tell me what ya think (:

  4. Great post. that is an amazing style. love the ripped leggings.