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Blog Hits Since July 2010

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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well my hair is still all natural with about a few inches of permed hair tagged on the ends. I have cut it some but im just letting it run it course and contiue to grow. A lot of people have been trying to convince me to do "NO HEAT." Meaning no blow drying and no flat ironing....ughhh...I Dont Think So! I have no tamed my hair yet or figured out how to tame it. I decided to post an updated you all and post a few pictures of my progress. I believe that it is truely annoying when ppl talk about hair confirmation but don't show you wahts it's really like. they only post beautiful model-esk pics with their hair flat ironed and laid down. I want to keep it real with the people and show what really happens. That way if you decide to go natural you will have a heads up on what your getting yourself into.

This is when I had the Nairobi Conditioner in:

Then I rinsed the Conditioner out:

Then I blow dried it (I have some hair sewn in the back for my back to school look. It is 14 inches long and I love the texture. You will be able to see it in some of the pics because I had to seperate my hair in order to ensure it was completely dry.):

My hair does look a lot shorter than normal because most of my hair is sewn into the tracks. The only places that my hair is out is on the sides. So thats the front, back, left, and right edges.

Here you can see the track where the hair is sewn in.

Then I flat-ironed it:

aww its so beautiful... It becomes so light and fluffy. So TAMED.....until it meets WATER!..then its back to the drawing board! -SnooSnoo


  1. UGH! Your Hair looks like Nasty

  2. Love the step by step transition! The finished product is great! I recently just cut off all my hair, and I'm going back to a clean slate!