Blog Hits Since July 2010

Blog Hits Since July 2010

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Engine

Hello, lovely followers! I have been away for a minute, now im back with the jumpoff! Haha. Anyway, I finally went shopping after a long while. I conquered two malls today: the new and improved Santa Monica Mall in California (very nice) and the also refreshed Fox Hills Mall in Culver City, CA. Well, I didnt really do too much shopping today, actually not enough shopping at all lol but I will soon be able to. I bought a few makeup products from Sephora in Fox Hills, and a pair of wedge heels from this new store at the Santa Monica Mall, called Love Culture. It is Amazing! I fell completely in love with that store once I first arrived. As a result, I had a nice time today cruising through many fashions while enjoying the beautiful weather. Here are a few pictures of the outfit I wore today:

Top: Forever21
Rugged Shorts: DIY
Boots: Wave (random boutique in TX)
Jewelry: Forever21

-Handcock <3

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