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Friday, August 13, 2010

My Dream Shoes

I recently posted a blog about the Jessica Simpson 'Waleo' Pump. Ya know...The one with the leopard print. Anyway they were my second Obsession. I recently went to Dillard's two times for this shoe and they didn't have it! Correction: they had the shoe but they had a 7 1/2 (which by the way is my shoe size). I just knew that I would be able to fit it yet when I tried it on....dunhh dunhh dunhhh....It was TOO snug. I fit them but I need more room for complete comfort. When buying a close toe shoe sometimes its best to buy them a half-size bigger especially if you will be walking, standing, and/or dancing in them for longer than an hour. Anyways, I realized I should get a size 8. So the lady calls all of their stores in the area and no one has it!!! ugh!! I decide to wait a week and come back. They still don't have the 8! I was crushed. I really want these heels. I am obsessed with animal prints and high heels. If it aint at least 4 inches then I am not wearing it!

Two days ago, it was girls day out and I decided to go to the mall. I always enter through Dillards. I saw my gorgeous shoe on display so I decided to ask for my size. It had been a few weeks and maybe...just maybe they had gotten another shipment. I was not confident... just hoping. And by the grace of God, the seller returns with my Size 8 in a brand new box. Shoes still in the plastic!!! I tried them on and they fit beautifully!!

They are $98 at Dillards.

They are def. a sight for sore eyes. When I tried the Size 8 on they were def. a better fit but they were just a little rigid. That is because it is a stiff shoe and that will fade as you wear them more and more. The shoe only irritated my left foot maybe because it is slightly different from the right. I loved them. I had money for them in my pocket. Yet I left the store without the shoe!!! How does that happen you ask? I thought it was love, you say!! Well my friends somehow talked me out of buying them. SOMEHOW! They just believed it is ridiculous to spend 106.36 (after tax) for a shoe. ... especially a high heel. I believe that a girl is entitled to a expensive shoe at least 3 times out of the year. I am not made of money but every so often I can afford to splurge if I save properly. So in the end, I plan to go back for my shoe before I move next week. I have worked hard all summer, I deserve them. Hopefully they won't be sold out!!

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