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Blog Hits Since July 2010

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ranch ... Oh How I Love You

I had to attend an auction a few weeks ago and I needed to dress nicely. The auction took place on a ranch. I was supposed to dress as if I was attending an outside wedding. The auction began to drag on, so my friend and I snuck out and decided to take pictures. I was extremely excited because I had not taken pics in so long. All in all, I enjoyed the event. It is on which I look forward to every year. The food was surprisingly delicious and the event did not take very long. After the auction, I went home and crashed because I had another 40 hour week ahead of me.

My outfit is very everyday, cute and comfortable. My lovely shoes are from Charlotte Russe. I purchased them a while back ...maybe February...Anyway Charlotte has brought them back and they are now on sale again. I originally wanted these in white yet I bought them in black and I ended up falling in love with them. The skirt is from Forever21 and it is a multi-color tribal skirt. It is very flowly and playful. I also got my cami from Forever21. It is just a solid off-white. The blazer is from Agaci. I bought this maybe year ago and it was on SALE. I love it because It can take an outfit from girly to YO GO GIRL! lol! My jewerly is from forever21 also and te necklace actually belonged to a friend first. I talked a friend into getting it to go with an outfit and when she changed her mind about the outfit she tried to take it all back. Well as we all know Forever21 jewelry is final sale. As a result, I bought the necklace from her because I felt bad and I actually liked it.
Charlotte Russe Shoes- $27
Forever21 Necklace and Bracelet- $11
Forever21 Cami- $2.50
Forever21 Skirt- $14
Agaci Blazer- $5

p.s. prices are approximate and rough estimates because sometimes I don't remember exactly. lol

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