Blog Hits Since July 2010

Blog Hits Since July 2010

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

More like Queen of the Yard!!

Last night, I had so much fun. The back to school party was amazing. The whole team was there basically and I did not want the night to end. By the end of the night, my feet were killing me and I was sure that when I took my shoes off that my toes would be bleeding. I bought my dress from Forever21 and I finally got my Jessica Simpson Shoes. They looked great with the teal single shoulder dress. Sorry about the pic camera so stuck taking phone pics. This whole week, I was running back and forth to the mall. I had to help style my teammates for the party. I realized that I love Styling. Anyway, I flat ironed my hair for the party and by the end of the night it was puffy. UGH! I tried not to sweat but it was kinda hot and we were all dancing. What a fun week but its all about to end because school it starting tomorrow. UGH! -SnooSnoo

Saturday, August 28, 2010

6 inch Snake!!!

I found these Steve Madden "TURNKEY" wedges. They were originally priced at 69.99 and I got them for 23.00. Talk about sale. I went into Dillards to get my Jessica Simpson Leopard Pumps and walked out with two pair of shoes. I went to the First Colony Mall in Houston and I was surprised at the variety in that mall. I went to Forever21 and bought a few pieces of jewerly for my collection. I have to get a grip and slow down with all the shopping. Once school starts Monday, I won't have time to shop. Thank God. -SnooSnoo

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well my hair is still all natural with about a few inches of permed hair tagged on the ends. I have cut it some but im just letting it run it course and contiue to grow. A lot of people have been trying to convince me to do "NO HEAT." Meaning no blow drying and no flat ironing....ughhh...I Dont Think So! I have no tamed my hair yet or figured out how to tame it. I decided to post an updated you all and post a few pictures of my progress. I believe that it is truely annoying when ppl talk about hair confirmation but don't show you wahts it's really like. they only post beautiful model-esk pics with their hair flat ironed and laid down. I want to keep it real with the people and show what really happens. That way if you decide to go natural you will have a heads up on what your getting yourself into.

This is when I had the Nairobi Conditioner in:

Then I rinsed the Conditioner out:

Then I blow dried it (I have some hair sewn in the back for my back to school look. It is 14 inches long and I love the texture. You will be able to see it in some of the pics because I had to seperate my hair in order to ensure it was completely dry.):

My hair does look a lot shorter than normal because most of my hair is sewn into the tracks. The only places that my hair is out is on the sides. So thats the front, back, left, and right edges.

Here you can see the track where the hair is sewn in.

Then I flat-ironed it:

aww its so beautiful... It becomes so light and fluffy. So TAMED.....until it meets WATER!..then its back to the drawing board! -SnooSnoo

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lulu, I Think I Love You

Im sitting at home "borrowing" someones internet connection. I have been without internet for almost a week and I miss it dearly. I def. missed updating the blog. I can do it from my phone but it only lets me upload one pic and it wont let me change the title of the post! ugh! So I refrain from using blogger on my phone.

Anyway, I went Lulu's and feel in love with the Style Brigade outfits they came up with. I am in heaven. It is so military yet feminine. It is def. my style. Here is a little sample (for more pics and shopping see the site):

This one is the is LA LA ATTENTION. I am so in love with the belts and the dress. I think they are a gorgeous combination. Im sure in this outfit, whomever will get plenty of attention because it is a fashion statement.

This look is called ROXY THE RENEGADE. I am still in love with the style of that show. I posted a blog about a month about the buckle-up black leather wedges she is wearing. I didn't buy them because I was afraid the quality might not be up to par. All in all, she looks great in them. Also her pants are similar to my lastest obsession. I love the color and I love cargo skinny jeans. This outfit gets a A+

This masterpiece is ROYAL REGULATOR. When Handcock sees these pants she is going to die. I am drooling over them as well. They are priced at $41.00 but they are def. worth it. That is coming from someone who doesn't believe in spending over $30 on jeans. You have to the craftmanship into account when thinking about price. They are a definite must have and the whole outfit is a definite success.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Unfinished Business

I was so glad that we got the apartment that was green. I love this color.

my empty living area.

my empty dining room

As u can see I have moved into my new place and it is empty...oh geez I guess the decorating will come later. I love my new place it is a dream come true. My two apartment-mates have just moved in and are def adding there touch to the place. Once my internet is working I will b posting so many blogs...thanks for ur patience -SnooSnoo

Friday, August 20, 2010

What Happens in the Dark, Eventually Comes to the Light...

My close friend and I were invited to a listening party for this upcoming band, who my friend had already known. This event was taken place about a week ago and I had forgotten to take some photos of the outift (that I thought was well worth posting about) I wore that day. However, the event was fun even though we arrived a few hours late lol. It was more of a "kick-back" with close friends of the group. Here is the outfit I wore that night (click on the photo for a closer view):

Forever21 from head to toe


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Confessions of an Unexperienced Wedge Shopper

Omg! I finally bought some! After all this time I have been talking about I needed to get my first pair: Wedges! Well, it all started when I did not have no interest in wedge heels what so ever. Snoo-Snoo was the wedge lover, while all I adored was a high stiletto or pump. I was half way out the box, missing all the great experiences of incorporating wedge heels in an outfit. However, since my style and taste varies from time to time I actually began to like wedge heels, but without the cork detail, which is funny since the wedges I just purchased (and my first ones ever) are cork. So thats why I say my style varies... and after all, these things are bad! Haha, It was love at first sight. They kind of remind me of a tribal design of some sort:


Wedge Heels from LoveCulture
Check out the website HERE


New Engine

Hello, lovely followers! I have been away for a minute, now im back with the jumpoff! Haha. Anyway, I finally went shopping after a long while. I conquered two malls today: the new and improved Santa Monica Mall in California (very nice) and the also refreshed Fox Hills Mall in Culver City, CA. Well, I didnt really do too much shopping today, actually not enough shopping at all lol but I will soon be able to. I bought a few makeup products from Sephora in Fox Hills, and a pair of wedge heels from this new store at the Santa Monica Mall, called Love Culture. It is Amazing! I fell completely in love with that store once I first arrived. As a result, I had a nice time today cruising through many fashions while enjoying the beautiful weather. Here are a few pictures of the outfit I wore today:

Top: Forever21
Rugged Shorts: DIY
Boots: Wave (random boutique in TX)
Jewelry: Forever21

-Handcock <3

Friday, August 13, 2010

Always Strapped

I was browsing at Ross, which by the way is one of my favorite discount stores, with my teammates for new home decorations. I stumbled open these neutral strapped high heels. They are gorgeous. They are by Carlos and they only cost $20. They were def. a must have because I bought a few rompers and I didn't really have any shoes to go with them. Well now that is solved.

I def.was not supposed to be shopping for shoes but hey..why pass up a good sale?? If you have any ideas or Polyvores on how to wear these shoes please let me know. Thanks

The Relapse

Last Wednesday, I had a much needed relapse. I went Shopping!!!! I bought so much stuff. All summer, I have been working full-time, going to school, and saving money. I really had not bought much before my shoppin spree. I wanted to post a blog about all the goodies that I bought but I dropped it all off at my new apartment. So the Mega Shopping Haul post and video will come later. I bought things in Holister, Forever21, RaveMax, La Patricia and Charolette Russe.

I have also been buying pieces for my apartment and those blogs will also come later as well because that stuff is in my new apartment. I move in next week and I have been having so much fun decorating. I am truely blessed and I have def. worked hard.

My Dream Shoes

I recently posted a blog about the Jessica Simpson 'Waleo' Pump. Ya know...The one with the leopard print. Anyway they were my second Obsession. I recently went to Dillard's two times for this shoe and they didn't have it! Correction: they had the shoe but they had a 7 1/2 (which by the way is my shoe size). I just knew that I would be able to fit it yet when I tried it on....dunhh dunhh dunhhh....It was TOO snug. I fit them but I need more room for complete comfort. When buying a close toe shoe sometimes its best to buy them a half-size bigger especially if you will be walking, standing, and/or dancing in them for longer than an hour. Anyways, I realized I should get a size 8. So the lady calls all of their stores in the area and no one has it!!! ugh!! I decide to wait a week and come back. They still don't have the 8! I was crushed. I really want these heels. I am obsessed with animal prints and high heels. If it aint at least 4 inches then I am not wearing it!

Two days ago, it was girls day out and I decided to go to the mall. I always enter through Dillards. I saw my gorgeous shoe on display so I decided to ask for my size. It had been a few weeks and maybe...just maybe they had gotten another shipment. I was not confident... just hoping. And by the grace of God, the seller returns with my Size 8 in a brand new box. Shoes still in the plastic!!! I tried them on and they fit beautifully!!

They are $98 at Dillards.

They are def. a sight for sore eyes. When I tried the Size 8 on they were def. a better fit but they were just a little rigid. That is because it is a stiff shoe and that will fade as you wear them more and more. The shoe only irritated my left foot maybe because it is slightly different from the right. I loved them. I had money for them in my pocket. Yet I left the store without the shoe!!! How does that happen you ask? I thought it was love, you say!! Well my friends somehow talked me out of buying them. SOMEHOW! They just believed it is ridiculous to spend 106.36 (after tax) for a shoe. ... especially a high heel. I believe that a girl is entitled to a expensive shoe at least 3 times out of the year. I am not made of money but every so often I can afford to splurge if I save properly. So in the end, I plan to go back for my shoe before I move next week. I have worked hard all summer, I deserve them. Hopefully they won't be sold out!!

The Sunlight Exposed Me..

I was my way to work and if the music is not BLASTING then I normally start thinking. I think about my life, my family, my friends, and my future. I wonder sometimes what I am doing and where am I going. Then sometimes I doubt myself and my capabilities. Then I stop and think about how far I have come. Yes. I know that I still have a long ways to go but I am making progress. Everyday is progress. I know that I am not the only one that struggles. I am not the only one that doubts theirself. That's normal. It's what you do next that defines you. Do you stay in a Funk or do you grin and bear it. You have to keep trucking. You have to keep going. Don't let anyone or any circumstance hold you back. Keep going. And if you need some encouragement and guidance...Look up because thats where comes your strength. My life is not always perfect but its perfect for me. I am strong. I am intelligent. I am beautiful.

Just some of my true intimate thoughts. I feel like its helpful to share because I am not the only person on this planet who feels bewildered or pessimistic sometimes. I am ME. I have to keep pushing through it all. I have to do it on my own sometimes. It will only make me stronger. I am an individual. I am Me. All glory given to the most high!!

I really like this post because it is honest and open. I am wearing no make-up. The pics aren't editted. I am in my shabby work clothes and I am Me. I am exposed. The sunlight really inspired me that day and brightened my day. HE is my light and this light I will follow..FOREVER!

p.s. I am really behind in posts so im tryna post all the ones I have waiting on my computer so when I move next week I can start fresh with new posts and updates.

Ranch ... Oh How I Love You

I had to attend an auction a few weeks ago and I needed to dress nicely. The auction took place on a ranch. I was supposed to dress as if I was attending an outside wedding. The auction began to drag on, so my friend and I snuck out and decided to take pictures. I was extremely excited because I had not taken pics in so long. All in all, I enjoyed the event. It is on which I look forward to every year. The food was surprisingly delicious and the event did not take very long. After the auction, I went home and crashed because I had another 40 hour week ahead of me.

My outfit is very everyday, cute and comfortable. My lovely shoes are from Charlotte Russe. I purchased them a while back ...maybe February...Anyway Charlotte has brought them back and they are now on sale again. I originally wanted these in white yet I bought them in black and I ended up falling in love with them. The skirt is from Forever21 and it is a multi-color tribal skirt. It is very flowly and playful. I also got my cami from Forever21. It is just a solid off-white. The blazer is from Agaci. I bought this maybe year ago and it was on SALE. I love it because It can take an outfit from girly to YO GO GIRL! lol! My jewerly is from forever21 also and te necklace actually belonged to a friend first. I talked a friend into getting it to go with an outfit and when she changed her mind about the outfit she tried to take it all back. Well as we all know Forever21 jewelry is final sale. As a result, I bought the necklace from her because I felt bad and I actually liked it.
Charlotte Russe Shoes- $27
Forever21 Necklace and Bracelet- $11
Forever21 Cami- $2.50
Forever21 Skirt- $14
Agaci Blazer- $5

p.s. prices are approximate and rough estimates because sometimes I don't remember exactly. lol